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Cylinder Service

???????????????????????????????NoVent provides cylinder evacuation services for many customers who require empty cylinders for their business operation. NoVent provides rapid response to your service call. In many cases, we pick up cylinders the same day. Cylinders are normally returned within 24-36 hours.


Our cylinder service includes the following:

  • Prompt cylinder pick-up – on your schedule
  • Cylinders returned within 24-36 hours – unless recertification is required
  • When recertification is required, only those cylinders are delayed
  • Cylinder repair, including valves and dip tubes
  • Cylinders are returned in at least a 25 inch vacuum
  • Cylinders are returned clean and ready for use
  • On-site service can be provided upon request
  • Complete documentation per cylinder is provided
  • Other services as requested to meet your specific requirements